Welcome to Jolibois Chiropractic

To get in touch with Dr. Jolibois, call (225) 293-2931 or email him at drjolibois@getoffmynerves.com

Jolibois Chiropractic

100% Pure Chiropractic. Nothing More. Nothing Less. Nothing Else.

Nothing More

My practice is centered around correcting subluxations which allows your body to properly communicate, control and regulate at it's full potential in order to assure optimum performance. Nothing more.

Nothing Less

In order to allow your body to function at it's maximum potential, I will adjust your spine, correcting all vertebral subluxations to allow a free flow of communication from the brain to the rest of the body. Nothing Less.

Nothing Else

Most often, people confuse chiropractic with a pain-relieving technique. Chiropractic simply frees up your body to function at peak levels and yes, this includes healing, as it should. Nothing else.